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Random Musings

from the mind of a CFP

Buying a New Car Has Opened My Eyes Thumbnail

Buying a New Car Has Opened My Eyes

First off, let me tell you that buying a car in the post-pandemic, supply-chain issue world is odd. I never thought that I would have to order a car that didn't end in Rari or Ghini, but here we are. Let me tell you what I went through to get a new car and how it has helped me realize something

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Spend Less by Spending More Thumbnail

Spend Less by Spending More

I have been sharing with you the best things I have spent money on over the last few years now. This year, I was reminded why you buy the best products you can...after replacing 5 blenders. By buying the best quality products for the best price, you increase the chances that you will only buy something once and use it for a very long time.

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The Only Benchmark that Matters Thumbnail

The Only Benchmark that Matters

Investment benchmarks are pretty much useless unless you are invested in an index fund. There has only ever been one combination of you, your money, your objectives, and your strategy. Let's create a benchmark that reflects that.

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