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The Only Benchmark That Matters is YOURS.

Professional financial solutions for organizations and individuals

It’s not just about money—it’s about your entire life.

Money is just fuel for living the life you want, and it is our goal to help you achieve that life. 

Every client conversation begins with the same question - where are you now and where do you want to be? When you can clearly articulate your goals, building a path to get there becomes easy. 

We work with you to build a financial strategy that focuses on what you want to do, when you want to do it, what it will cost and when you can likely afford it. This process involves reviewing all aspects of your finances to ensure they are in tip top shape. If they are not, we help you get them into line to meet your plans. We know this process helps our clients to be more relaxed, in control, confident and it brings them peace of mind.

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We pride ourselves in offering tailored solutions with sound, honest, financial advice based on education, knowledge and experience.


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Whatever your stage in life, we can help you feel financially assured with a variety of financial products and services to meet your needs.


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Blogs & Insights

Your financial life doesn’t have to be complicated. Bookmark this helpful page for your one-stop-shop for your financial tools and Resources.

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"A Game Changer"

Watch and Listen as Ken discusses the benefits to Manulife Vitality.

We want you to live your longest, healthiest life. That’s why there’s Manulife Vitality -  a program that can reward you for all of the little things you do to stay healthy.

Learn more about Vitality   CONTACT US to get started

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