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Self-Serve Tools - Health  

Help protect your financial security, provide for your loved ones, and save money on routine, and emergency health expenses.

Health & Dental Insurance

Get Health and Dental coverage that fits you perfectly
Health & Dental Insurance Plans can help fill in those gaps in coverage, and all at an affordable cost. Better yet, we've packed in more coverage options and benefits, so you can select the package that offers the benefits best suited for you and the ones you love. Simply select the package that offers the benefits best suited for you and the ones you love. Our plans cover common expenses like prescriptions, dental care, vision, massage therapy and more. All offer great coverage choices and extended health care options.


Flexcare® with Vitality

Well, it’s not just a clever name. Flexcare Health and Dental plans provide your clients with the flexibility to select a plan that suits them best. With seven core plans to choose from, and several Add-Ons to enhance certain benefits, Flexcare can provide your clients with the coverage they need.

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FollowMeTM Health with Vitality

FollowMe™ Health is designed to offer your clients comprehensive health and dental coverage for them and their family, when their group coverage ends.

As long as clients apply within 90 days of their group health benefits ending, their acceptance is guaranteed upon receipt of premium payment – without a medical questionnaire or exam! (Applications submitted after the 90-day period will require full medical underwriting.)

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Association Health & Dental Plans

Our Health and Dental Insurance coverage is continually enhanced to offer you the greatest value and benefits. Eight different health and/or dental coverage plan options provide the ability to pay for only the coverage you need.  All plans include coverage for vision care, registered specialists and therapists, and much more. Some plans may not require you to complete a medical questionnaire at the time of application, so your acceptance is guaranteed, provided you meet eligibility criteria.


Are you a business owner?

Health benefits for you, your family – and your employees

Not only can you take care of your family with health benefits, you can also provide health coverage as an incentive for your employees. Getting Health & Dental Insurance through your broker offers you a variety of options to purchase health and dental coverage for everyone you want to protect.

TIP!  Your premiums may be tax deductible
If you are self-employed or own a small business, a portion of your premiums may be deductible as an expense for your business and may also be a non-taxable benefit to your employees (except in Quebec). Please consult your financial advisor or the Canada Revenue Agency for details.