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The Best Things I Spent Money on in 2023 Thumbnail

The Best Things I Spent Money on in 2023

Every year we spend money.  Most of it is on food, shelter, and 43 streaming services, but every once in a while, we spend to make our lives better. Over the past few years, I've been sharing the things I have spent money on to make my life easier (more room, improved health, better coffee, the ability to shower when you have 4 kids, reliable WiFi). This year is no exception:

Ryobi Cordless Air Nailer
As you know from my past humble brags posts, I have done a lot of renovations around our house. One of the most annoying parts has always been the need for an air nailer; I'd have to pull out the compressor, find the nail gun, fire it up (which made such a racket it may have scarred the kids for life) and wait for it to fill. This process sometimes takes longer than the need for the nailer itself. This year, we were replacing the baseboards around the house, as well as some "finer" trim work. I was not looking forward to lugging that thing around. Since I'm at the Big Orange store a lot to buy materials, I decided to look and see if there was an alternative (not glue, I don't like the finality of that option). Enter the Ryobi Cordless Nailer. This thing weighs 6 pounds, runs off a battery I already have 6 of and is quiet! Every time I use it, I say out loud "I love my new toy". It has led to me finally finishing some projects (to my wife's delight).

Garlic Grinding Plate
My list over the years has been full of bigger purchases, but sometimes it's the small things that make a big difference. We came across this plate when we were in Florida last year; the "neighbors" were making dinner for us and pulled this thing out. We were amazed. Take garlic, rub it around and poof, you're done, with no waste. We had to get one. Best part, it works well for ginger and, I assume, horseradish too (ick). Our stir-fry has never tasted better.

Ice Cream Maker
I scream, you scream we all scream for Ice Cream! The really good stuff, the ones made with real cream, got so expensive over the last few years that we stopped buying it. So when one of the kids asked for us to make them an ice cream cake for their birthday, we looked into making it ourselves. Just so happened that there is a machine that can turn cream, sugar and whatever else you chuck in there into ice cream...and it was $60. Since then, were perfected vanilla and chocolate, and experimented with M&Ms, cookies and cream and even Moose Tracks. It is so easy to do, one day while us parents were out, the kids made a batch because they were "craving" it.

My Business
I have been in the financial world for almost 20 years now. 15 of those have been with the same firm. I was given the space to spread my wings and grow my business in my own, unique way. At some point, my wings were not able to spread any further and it was time for me to leave the nest. In October of 2023, I bought out my managing partners and ventured on as an Independent Advisor. In the last 3 months, I have been free to manage my business in a way that is best for my clients and my family without the pressure of a sales target. My team may be small (my wife and I) but 100% of the staff are fully invested in providing the best client experience possible. 

How about you? Think back over the last 12 months and let me know what some of the best things you bought were.

Kenneth Coombs CFP CHS RRC

Ken has worked in the financial services industry since 2005 and holds the Registered Retirement Consultant and the Certified Financial Planner designation. Ken has written financial planning columns and has been a guest on financial radio and podcast programs.

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