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Random musings from the mind of a CFP

The Best Things I Spent Money on in 2020 Thumbnail

The Best Things I Spent Money on in 2020

So, that happened. Every year I look back on the best things I spent money on (2017, 2019). This year, the list could look a little different with additions like hand sanitizer, about 100 face masks, and multiple streaming services, but I want to keep it to the things that got me through 2020.

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[SOLVED] Tough Life Insurance Cases Thumbnail

[SOLVED] Tough Life Insurance Cases

Every time I sit down with a client to discuss their insurance needs, I get a new story. I've been doing this long enough to know that not every insurance application will be approved without a little work. Most times, it's something simple (like if they are a social smoker) but every once in a while, I come across a case that requires a little more than just "Sign here, and here, and here and initial here".

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